MAPS 2024 Americas Annual Meeting

VISFO unveils iGen at MAPS Puerto Rico 2024

With MAPS 2024 almost upon us, we wanted to reach out to see if you have some free time in your schedule to connect at the event? The VISFO team will be bringing its new insight management solution, iGen, to MAPS showcasing how our new platform can effortlessly elevate your insight effectiveness and demonstrate impact across your organisation. Visit us on booth 508 to find out more. Our President, Carol Heggie, will be on stand and would love to take you through a demo of how iGen can work for you. Reach out today to book a time that works for you.

Meet iGen

We’re incredibly excited to launch our new software system at MAPS 2024, demonstrating how data clarity equals decision power. Our end-to-end solution is purpose built by the team at VISFO to facilitate effortless insight management. Not only does the system connect you to the voice of your customers in real time, it also gives you the latest insights into patient voice and scientific conversations, enabling you to instantly see trends, themes and topics at a country or global level, empowering you to shape your medical strategy. 

A system designed to bring together internal and external data sources, tagging and linking content to surface insights in real time, iGen synthesizes insights from the field, conferences, clinical trials, news media, publications, medical information, ad’ boards, and social & digital media, to help you; 

  • Improve insight submission
  • Streamline insight reviewing & collaboration
  • Automate reporting
  • Power next best action
  • Demonstrate medical affairs effectiveness

Designed for medical affairs teams, by medical affairs teams, the system can be configured to the field and head office, as well as other key organizational functions. Visit us at booth 508 to learn more.

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