Conference listening

Assess return on investment and validate or refine your conference strategy with an objective impact evaluation of both your and your competitor’s on-site activities.

Power your strategic decision-making

with data-driven insights and collaborative consulting

Leverage our experience and expertise to understand your impact at conference and perceptions of your brand.

Cogni, your collaborative consulting platform, goes beyond the data with expert analysis and real-time recommendations tailored to your strategic imperatives.

Conference landscaping

  • Identify the predominant topics being discussed online and discern emerging trends to refine your communication and outreach strategies, both during the event and beyond.  
  • Monitor social media mentions and utilize sentiment analysis to understand attendee perception of your brand and the information you presented.  
  • Track key metrics like attendance, engagement and share of voice year-on-year to identify areas for improvement and measure the overall success of your conference strategy.

Competitive landscaping

  • Benchmark your conference performance, evaluate attendee response to competitor outputs and identify potential threats.
  • Leverage insights on competitor share of voice to identify and capitalize on under-addressed areas.  

Stakeholder analysis

  • Proactively plan future-in person engagement, including which experts to approach and topics to address, by identifying the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Rising Stars and Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) who are most closely aligned with your strategic objectives

  • Maximize the return of your conference investment: turn post-event reports into valuable assets that can easily be shared across your organization.
  • Guarantee that your stakeholder engagement strategy remains aligned to the ever-evolving interests of healthcare practitioners.  
  • Identify brand advocates who ask the right questions of their established networks and proactively respond to emerging opportunities.
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All delivered as strategic reports, interactive intelligence dashboards and scenario planning tools, placing an optimal strategy at your fingertips.

Delivered through Cogni

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consulting platform

  • High-impact strategic guidance built on a legacy of successful drug development and product launches

  • Bespoke knowledge management and collaboration software

  • Instant access to evolving outputs for quick report generation and sharing

A VISFO "Addressable patient population intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes sections for "Interpretation" and "Activity", with fields for adding comments and viewing activity logs.