Indication assessment

Establish the potential market opportunity within likely product development and launch indication(s).

Power your strategic decision-making

with data-driven insights and collaborative consulting

Leverage our experience and expertise to inform asset acquisition decisions, clinical development plans for existing assets, and optimal launch sequencing strategies.

Cogni, your collaborative consulting platform, goes beyond the data with expert analysis and real-time recommendations tailored to your strategic imperatives.

Clinical landscaping

  • Determine market potential by assessing the size of the addressable population.
  • Understand the attractiveness of, or need for, a novel product within a given indication through analysis of the disease burden and unmet need.

Competitive landscaping

  • Assess current and future competitive landscapes to identify key opportunities for novel products within your target indication.
  • Review competitor regulatory approvals and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) evaluations to forecast market approval and reimbursement timelines.
  • Evaluate competitor trial designs to inform feasibility planning, identify best practice and refine your evidence generation program to differentiate your asset within the competitive landscape.

Market value and price benchmarking

  • Assess current pricing dynamics and potential market value to provide insight into the market's willingness to pay, inform early pricing assumptions and prioritize indications with the highest pricing potential.

  • Evaluate the financial attractiveness of different indications to ensure focus on those with the greatest market potential.
  • Identify indications where new assets can achieve a competitive advantage or address significant market gaps.
  • Select indications with favorable pricing and reimbursement environments.
  • Prioritize indications with the highest potential for successful development and market impact, ensuring optimal allocation of R&D resources.

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All delivered as strategic reports, interactive intelligence dashboards and scenario planning tools, placing an optimal strategy at your fingertips.

Delivered through Cogni

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  • High-impact strategic guidance built on a legacy of successful drug development and product launches

  • Bespoke knowledge management and collaboration software

  • Instant access to evolving outputs for quick report generation and sharing

A VISFO "Addressable patient population intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes sections for "Interpretation" and "Activity", with fields for adding comments and viewing activity logs.