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Rising Stars

Secure the legacy of your stakeholder engagement strategy by identifying the Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) of tomorrow, today.

Rising Stars in the United States - their impact factor and location

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A Rising Star is a medical or scientific professional in the early to mid-stage of their career who demonstrates significant potential to become a prominent and influential voice in their field.


Actively involved in research and demonstrating a strong grasp of current and emerging scientific knowledge within their specialty

Establishing their reputation through publications and presentations at conferences and other scientific events

First-author on at least one publication and a co-author of at least five publications within the past 5 years

Gaining traction and recognition within their specialty and showing potential for further growth; likely to become a highly respected and sought-after opinion leader

Published alongside current KOLs as a co-author

Affiliated with a leading healthcare or academic research institute

Power your decision-making

with bespoke and intuitive intelligence boards

Each intelligence board leverages integrated and enriched data
from diverse sources, allowing you to:


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Interrogate integrated and enriched data from diverse sources to identify Rising Stars in your therapy area and markets of interest. Our analyses typically span 5 years, ensuring evaluation of only those individuals who have most recently shown significant growth and achievement.


Confidently inform your engagement strategy by using sophisticated data analytics tools to:

Discern Rising Star interests

  • Develop a holistic understanding of each Rising Star’s expertise using up-to-date bibliometrics alongside a relevant literature library for each individual
  • Track Rising Stars who have co-authored a publication with a Top 100 KOL in your therapy area to identify early career researchers who are actively engaged in cutting-edge research with top KOLs in the space

Evaluate the institutions and networks supporting Rising Stars  

  • Inform territorial lines, facilitate clinical trial recruitment, and tailor communications to priorities relevant to Rising Star location  
  • Understand information flow and locate hubs of potential future significance by identifying publication co-authors and mapping collaboration networks across specialties and locations (at an institute, city, state, country, and global level)

Understand individual Rising Star impact  

  • Leverage our proprietary Rising Star impact factors based on publication volume, currency, and authorship weight, to identify Rising Stars whose expertise and experience aligns most closely with your company’s specific needs and strategic imperatives
  • Select additional metrics, including journal prestige, publication type, and co-author impact factor to further interrogate each individual’s potential in your chosen topic area

Maintain a clear view of the Rising Star landscape throughout the lifecycle of your product with user-defined data updates.

Use cases

Engage Rising Stars in the preparation of Health Technology Assessment (HTA) submissions and product value propositions to ensure incorporation of the latest evidence

Cultivate relationships with future KOLs to ensure long-term collaboration and innovation

Rising Stars are adaptable to emerging trends and changes in the healthcare landscape. Leverage their insights to tackle regulatory and market access challenges

Partner with Rising Stars to bring new perspectives and approaches to your clinical development strategy

Rising stars may be more familiar with and enthusiastic about applying emerging technologies in the field, like artificial intelligence. Partner with Rising Stars to develop and test assets using novel systems and methodologies

Harness the potential and foresight of these talented individuals to drive innovation and enhance productivity

Inspire young professionals in the field. Partner with Rising Stars at conferences, symposiums, and workshops to showcase your commitment to innovation and supporting fresh talent

Co-author papers and publications with Rising Stars to enhance their credibility and visibility as well as that of your company and its offering

Establish relationships with the KOLs of the future to influence medical trends and standards

Delivered through Helix.

Modular knowledge base

  • Interactive data visualizations for easy self-serve analysis and insight surfacing

  • Comprehensive opinion leader profiles for effective interaction planning and engagement

  • Multiple data export options for rapid insight sharing across your business

  • Customizable, modular knowledge bases with no user limits

A VISFO "Key Opinion Leader (KOL) intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes an interactive KOL map, as well as the results of a KOL influence analysis."