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Trial site analysis

Adopt a data-driven approach to clinical trial site selection. Pinpoint ideal locations with the right patients, experienced investigators and strong infrastructure.

Global systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) trial site activity

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Power your decision-making

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VISFO combines cutting-edge technology and deep subject matter expertise to de-silo data and enable confident decision-making. With all outputs housed in an agile, always-on delivery portal, you can quickly:


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  • Sites supporting experienced investigators familiar with the therapy area
  • Sites conveniently located for your target patient population with a strong track record of efficient recruitment and retention for similar trials
  • Popular, frequently used sites, based on metrics such as number of subjects per site and subject enrollment per site per month


  • Site capabilities and historical data on site performance to support optimal resource allocation and assess feasibility of completing investigations within the planned timeframe
  • The geographic distribution of trial sites to achieve the desired patient enrollment diversity  
  • Site rankings according to a combined score of:
    • enrollment efficiency (%)
    • enrollment period (months)
    • number of subjects per site per month (where sites with high enrollment efficiency, low enrollment period, and high subject count per site per month are ranked highly)

For a comprehensive view of both the trial site and investigator landscape, explore our complementary Key Clinical Investigator (KCI) mapping service. This service provides in-depth profiles to help identify and engage with the most influential investigators in your field.

Use cases

Gain a clear understanding of the clinical trial landscape to assess market potential and inform your market entry strategies

Engage with KCIs to gain advocacy for your product and insights to support your market access efforts

Identify sites with the capacity to run patient access programs, ensuring that patients in need can access the treatment early

Select the most suitable trial sites for a new clinical study

Map investigators and trial sites to areas with high concentrations of eligible patients to optimize patient recruitment and retention strategies

Understand competitor activities in the clinical trial landscape to help avoid conflicts or identify potential collaboration opportunities

Identify top investigators to engage with for advisory boards, speaker programs, and clinical collaborations

Leverage the expertise of clinical investigators with strong publication records to support in the development of a robust publication plan

Stay informed about the latest clinical developments and adjust your medical strategies accordingly

Delivered through Helix

Modular knowledge base

  • Interactive data visualizations for easy self-serve analysis and insight surfacing

  • Comprehensive opinion leader profiles for effective interaction planning and engagement

  • Multiple data export options for rapid insight sharing across your business

  • Customizable, modular knowledge bases with no user limits

A VISFO "Key Opinion Leader (KOL) intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes an interactive KOL map, as well as the results of a KOL influence analysis."