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Assessing commercial opportunity through a robust statistical analysis of adverse events in medical devices.

An unbiased product quality assessment of a potential manufacturer.

Bridging epidemiological data gaps to inform prospective commercial appeal.

Understanding the probable success of various launch indications

Cut through the noise: Analysing digital landscapes following FDA approval.

KOL and DOL identification through an in-depth digital analysis.

Discovering novel and adjunct indications to support market expansion of an established supplement.

Finding new indications through a comprehensive scientific appraisal.

Empowering competitive communication strategy through data-driven analysis in a novel therapeutic field.

Topic modelling to support a digital first approach.

Enhancing strategic decision-making: An acquisition case study.

A diligence exercise on the potential resource requirement of a prospective commercial asset.

Maximizing ROI: strategic recommendations for an impactful conference.

Conference listening and insights to increase share of scientific voice.

Optimizing clinical trial performance – A comprehensive analysis and strategic roadmap.

Empowering our client to formulate an impactful trial strategy.

Scientific landscaping to discover novel indications for potential market expansion.

Discovering novel indications to inform the potential market expansion and claims of an OTC supplement.

Strategic design of Phase III clinical trial to maximize the likelihood of treatment approval.

Maximizing the likelihood of becoming a standard-of-care therapy.

Understanding market opportunities to create compelling product value communications.

Understanding market opportunity to effectively communicate its early value proposition to various stakeholders.

Unlocking market insights: bridging data gaps to inform Phase III trial strategy and beyond.

Clinical landscaping for strategic market positioning.

Using digital intelligence to inform content strategy within medical affairs.

Supporting our client in developing a content strategy for HCP engagement using digital intelligence.

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