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Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs)

Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) are emerging as powerful voices that not only influence healthcare conversations online, but also offer valuable insight into stakeholder needs and perceptions, amplifying the lesser-heard voices in healthcare. Identify and engage the right DOLs to maximize your reach, understand market sentiment, and tailor your communication strategies for maximum impact.

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Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs) leverage online platforms like YouTube, LinkedIn, and more to influence healthcare audiences. Through engaging content like videos, blogs, and social media posts, they build a dedicated following that trusts in their expertise and opinions. This trust shapes perceptions of healthcare products and services. DOLs also offer valuable insight into patient needs, viewpoints, and emerging trends. While they may not always hold the same formal academic credentials or publication track record as traditional Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), their strong online presence allows DOLs to connect with a much larger and more diverse audience.


Established as a source of reliable online information and respected opinion; may be a well-published KOL or a stakeholder without a publishing track record e.g., a patient advocate

Holds a strong interest in a given topic and actively uses online platforms, including social media, to share their passion, insights, and points of view

Demonstrates a substantial digital following, with the ability to reach and impact a diverse audience

Stays abreast of the latest innovations, leveraging digital platforms to contribute to and influence discussions

Power your decision-making

with bespoke and intuitive intelligence boards

Each intelligence board leverages integrated and enriched data
from diverse sources, allowing you to:


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Interrogate integrated and enriched data from diverse sources to identify DOLs in your therapy area and markets of interest

  • KOLs who also publish digital content, giving them a global reach and substantially greater impact on global opinion than non-digital KOLs
  • Digitally active, respected, and influential healthcare providers who are not KOLs, such as general practitioners, nurses, and pharmacists  
  • Patients, their advocates and carers, sharing the lived experience and offering insightful perspectives


Use sophisticated data analytics tools to:

Listen to the conversation

  • Learn what DOLs are saying and what resonates with your target audience through hashtags and reshares

Map DOL geolocation and networks

  • Identify DOLs who have an established online presence in key markets
  • Understand who DOLs engage with to reveal influential clusters  

Understand individual DOL impact, interests, and influence

  • Leverage our dynamic DOL impact factors based on total posts, engagement reach, and top-performing content types to identify DOLs whose content and audience aligns most closely with your company’s specific needs and strategic imperatives

Optimize your communication and content

  • Tailor messaging that will speak to specific DOLs based on their profession, interests, regional priorities, preferred channels, and preferred content type, or craft a digital narrative that will resonate with your chosen DOL’s audience  
  • Monitor the digital environment to measure campaign effectiveness against set key performance indicators and respond accordingly

Build communities and drive influence

  • Partner with influential DOLs to co-create compelling digital narratives for your brand or gain insight into how your brand is perceived by stakeholders

Go beyond the surface

  • Utilize natural language processing to understand the emotions behind online conversations

Maintain a clear view of the DOL landscape throughout the lifecycle of your product with user-defined data updates.

Use cases

Develop market access strategies that addresses payer perspectives, evidence requirements, and reimbursement challenges

Advocate for policy changes, address access barriers, and promote your product value proposition to key stakeholders

Identify digital trends and opportunities to optimize your market access strategy

Gain insight into emerging trends and patient preferences that may impact clinical trial design and recruitment strategies

Reach and engage with patient populations that may otherwise be challenging to access

Disseminate study findings effectively online and share insights with the broader healthcare community

Release relevant and engaging educational content through digital channels to diverse stakeholder audiences

Raise awareness about disease conditions, treatment options, and patient support programs; empower patients to advocate for their healthcare needs

Understand and formulate responses to the perspectives, concerns, and questions of key stakeholders

Delivered through Helix.

Modular knowledge base

  • Interactive data visualizations for easy self-serve analysis and insight surfacing

  • Comprehensive opinion leader profiles for effective interaction planning and engagement

  • Multiple data export options for rapid insight sharing across your business

  • Customizable, modular knowledge bases with no user limits

A VISFO "Key Opinion Leader (KOL) intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes an interactive KOL map, as well as the results of a KOL influence analysis."