Clinical development optimization

Inform clinical development decisions, design robust clinical trials, and select the right partners and sites for your product.

Power your strategic decision-making

with data-driven insights and collaborative consulting

Leverage our experience and expertise to craft a robust clinical evidence generation strategy, identify optimal trial sites, and develop relationships with key stakeholders.

Cogni, your collaborative consulting platform, goes beyond the data with expert analysis and real-time recommendations tailored to your strategic imperatives.

Clinical landscaping

  • Define the size of your addressable population by assessing the burden of disease and unmet need
  • Understand evidence requirements to help demonstrate the potential of new products

Competitive landscaping

  • Inform clinical trial design and planning through a comprehensive analysis of the current trial landscape, drawing insight from competitor trial outcomes and regulatory/Health Technology Assessment (HTA) decisions 

Stakeholder mapping

  • Identify and evaluate Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Key Clinical Investigators (KCIs), and clinical trial sites to optimize you stakeholder engagement and site selection strategies

Market value and price benchmarking

  • Assess current pricing dynamics within your therapy area to understand the market's willingness to pay and inform early pricing assumptions and go/no-go decisions

  • Design trials that surpass standards, enhancing your product’s likelihood of regulatory approval and market acceptance
  • Optimize trial site selection and patient recruitment strategies, reducing trial timelines and costs
  • Identify opportunities for the differentiation of your asset through unique trial designs or by targeting niche populations
  • Set realistic price benchmarks and revenue forecasts, aligning your clinical trial strategy to demonstrate superior value and justify price expectations
  • Engage stakeholders early to build support, gain insights, and address potential concerns to facilitate smoother trial progression and market acceptance

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All delivered as strategic reports, interactive intelligence dashboards and scenario planning tools, placing an optimal strategy at your fingertips.

Delivered through Cogni

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consulting platform

  • High-impact strategic guidance built on a legacy of successful drug development and product launches

  • Bespoke knowledge management and collaboration software

  • Instant access to evolving outputs for quick report generation and sharing

A VISFO "Addressable patient population intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes sections for "Interpretation" and "Activity", with fields for adding comments and viewing activity logs.