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Key Clinical Investigators (KCIs)

Elevate your clinical trial strategy by identifying and engaging with the most impactful investigators in your therapy area.

Global systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) trial site activity

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A Key Clinical Investigator (KCI) is a highly qualified healthcare professional who plays a crucial role in designing, conducting, and overseeing clinical trials. They possess the critical expertise, experience, and influence to significantly impact the success of a clinical trial.


Proven clinical experience and expertise

Affiliated with a leading healthcare or academic research institute

Demonstrates a strong track record of patient enrollment and retention in clinical trials

Demonstrates a strong track record of completing clinical trials

Demonstrates a strong publication record in peer-reviewed journals

Actively participates in professional organizations and conferences

Power your decision-making

with bespoke and intuitive intelligence boards

Each intelligence board leverages integrated and enriched data
from diverse sources, allowing you to:


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Interrogate integrated and enriched data from diverse sources to identify KCIs in your therapy area and markets of interest


Confidently inform your engagement strategy by using sophisticated data analytics tools to:

Reveal KCI publication histories

  • Develop a holistic understanding of each KCI’s expertise using up-to-date bibliometrics alongside a relevant literature library for each individual

Understand individual KCI impact

  • Determine who the top KCIs are in your therapy area by leveraging our proprietary KCI impact factors based on a combination of:
    • the number of clinical trials in which they have participated
    • the percent of trials in which they were the principal investigator
    • the percent of trials they were able to over-recruit for
    • the number of trials they helped successfully run to completion

Map KCI geolocation and professional networks

  • Find the top investigators close to your planned clinical trial sites by mapping KCIs and their networks (at institute, city, state, country, and global level)

Maintain a clear view of the KCI landscape throughout the lifecycle of your product with user-defined data updates.

Use cases

Leverage KCI endorsement to enhance the credibility of data presented to payers and Health Technology Assessment (HTA) bodies

Build relationships with KCIs willing to act as advocates for your new therapy, influencing other key stakeholders

Understand KCI perspectives on the clinical and economic value of your new therapy

Identify investigators to help you conduct successful trials and guide data analysis

Bring credibility to your clinical trials by working with KCIs with established reputations and professional standing

Work with KCIs to increase enrollment efficiency and maintain participant engagement

Work with key investigators to plan and execute your publication strategies

Collaborate with investigators to develop and deliver credible medical education programs

Leverage KCI expertise to inform your internal training programs, ensuring your Medical Affairs teams are well-versed in the clinical benefits and real-world applications of your new therapy

Delivered through Helix.

Modular knowledge base

  • Interactive data visualizations for easy self-serve analysis and insight surfacing

  • Comprehensive opinion leader profiles for effective interaction planning and engagement

  • Multiple data export options for rapid insight sharing across your business

  • Customizable, modular knowledge bases with no user limits

A VISFO "Key Opinion Leader (KOL) intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes an interactive KOL map, as well as the results of a KOL influence analysis."