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Bibliometric analysis

Reveal leading and emerging research, trends and potential collaborators by utilizing sophisticated mathematical and statistical techniques to analyze academic publications.

Total publications in systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) by year and topic

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Power your decision-making

with bespoke and intuitive intelligence boards

VISFO combines cutting-edge technology and deep subject matter expertise to de-silo data and enable confident decision-making. With all outputs housed in an agile, always-on delivery portal, you can quickly:


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  • Leading research — the most influential studies, researchers, and institutions
  • Hot topics, trends (both emerging and declining research areas) and thematic connections
  • Potential performance benchmarks


  • The impact and reach of your research  
  • Competitor research endeavors and progress
  • Publication relationships — intellectual influence, collaboration networks, emerging research partnerships, as well as controversies and debates

Maintain a clear view of the publication landscape throughout the lifecycle of your product with user-defined information updates.

Bibliometric analysis is a powerful tool for understanding the publication landscape. We craft custom search strings to ensure a comprehensive scrape of the publications most relevant to you and your strategic needs, allowing you to focus on what matters most. Beyond topic analysis, we can also help you identify the key players shaping scientific discourse — explore our stakeholder mapping services, including Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs), Rising Stars, and Digital Opinion Leaders (DOLs), for more information. We also use bibliometric analysis to provide a rational approach to journal selection. To maximize the impact of your publication strategy, click here.

Use cases

Identify gaps in current research and evidence base that your new therapy might address

Compile comprehensive literature reviews for regulatory and health technology assessment (HTA) submissions

Strengthen your product value propositions with robust literature

Apply an evidence-based approach to drug development and clinical trial design processes

Ensure your clinical development team have up-to-date knowledge of the current research and developments in the field

Stay informed about your competitors’ research focus and development efforts to identify potential threats and opportunities, benchmark performance and ensure a differentiated strategy

Define listening imperatives and align medical strategies with the latest research trends and findings

Map collaboration networks to identify potential partners

Develop evidence-based materials for both healthcare professionals and patient education/advocacy groups

Delivered through Helix

Modular knowledge base

  • Interactive data visualizations for easy self-serve analysis and insight surfacing

  • Comprehensive opinion leader profiles for effective interaction planning and engagement

  • Multiple data export options for rapid insight sharing across your business

  • Customizable, modular knowledge bases with no user limits

A VISFO "Key Opinion Leader (KOL) intelligence board" displayed on both a desktop and mobile screen. The board includes an interactive KOL map, as well as the results of a KOL influence analysis."