Understanding market opportunities to create compelling product value communications

Understanding market opportunity to effectively communicate its early value proposition to various stakeholders.

The brief: Our client sought to understand the potential market opportunity for their pre-clinical blood cancer treatment. The primary objective was to effectively communicate its early value proposition to various stakeholders and grant applications.

The challenge: Our client needed more information on the market access process and evidence requirements required to create a compelling value proposition. To address this, we conducted a thorough analysis of the current treatment and competitor landscape as well as the size of the addressable patient population, identifying where our client’s asset fit and establishing its unique value and market opportunity.

The solution: We equipped our client with a comprehensive toolkit to help them effectively communicate the value of their early-stage asset and empower them to secure funding throughout its clinical development.

  • After a rigorous systematic literature review, we provided our client with an overview of the disease and current treatment landscape. Using a data mining and analytics approach, we also provided a comprehensive competitor intelligence report encompassing existing and pipeline competitors as well as products with a similar mechanism of action. We augmented these insights with a detailed market forecast, incorporating data on the potential patient population as well as the burden of disease and unmet need.
  • An analysis of epidemiological data was enhanced through forecast modeling and housed in a bespoke, interactive intelligence board.
  • Additionally, we conducted an in-depth analysis of the mechanism of action of the asset, uncovering compelling aspects for our client to highlight to potential investors.

The value to the client: Through a rapid and robust analysis, combined with VISFO’s strategic recommendations, our client gained a comprehensive understanding of the opportunity surrounding their early-stage asset. Our proactive intervention allowed us to uncover a number of unique asset characteristics, enabling our client to not only communicate its potential to stakeholders but also to effectively position themselves for future milestones.

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