A day in the life of a Customer Relationship Success Manager, with Natasha Leighton

We catch up with Natasha, our Customer Relationship Success Manager. She tells us how she got into the role and the qualities you need to be successful at VISFO.

By Natasha Leighton

Meet Natasha, our Customer Success Manager. Super organised and a natural communicator, Natasha is also our all-round happiness guru, ensuring that our clients and platform users enjoy the best experience possible. Part of the team for the past two years, Natasha is the link between our product development team and our clients, working to support customers with their business strategy, as well as training users on the platform while keeping them updated on our latest releases and updates. We had a chat with Natasha about her role and what a typical weekday looks like for her.

  1. What does a typical day as the VISFO Customer Success Manager look like?

Every day is different: one day I’ll just be in internal meetings, and the next I’ll be coordinating activities across the Product, Design and Engineering teams. I’m generally in client calls, getting feedback, discussing requests and keeping key stakeholders informed on our workstreams and upcoming deliverables. I support end-to-end with releases, pulling together information as well as communicating with clients. This involves evaluating and understanding user satisfaction, as well as monitoring existing usage, using feedback tools.

2. Why did you decide to work in Customer Success? Any inspiration?

I’ve always loved client management and building strong client relationships. In previous roles, I’ve enjoyed the challenge of trying to understand customers and clients, so getting the opportunity to focus on this in my role at VISFO was very exciting.

3. What was your journey to becoming a Customer Success Manager at VISFO? Previous experience?

I started out in sales, working with my mum on her business and that really helped build my confidence. I then moved on to recruitment where I enjoyed problem-solving and bringing solutions to clients. I later joined an anti-money laundering organisation and worked in customer success before I decided to come to VISFO. Once I was settled in, I got involved in developing user onboarding and feature release onboarding for one of our main products.

4. What top 3 personal qualities are good fits for your team?

  1. Organised
  2. Strong communication and relationship-building skills
  3. Innovative thinker (ability to think outside the box)

5. What’s the best part of your work at VISFO? 

I love that VISFO is a growing and dynamic organisation and that I get the chance to be involved in the development of new upcoming products. One of the best parts of my job is building relationships and communicating with a wide variety of people. I really feel like my work here has a big impact.

6. Tell us what you enjoy about working within the healthcare / pharmaceutical space and how different it is from what you have done before?

I like knowing that we are supporting companies that are making a difference in healthcare, as well as being involved in life-changing developments like drug releases. It’s rewarding to see how the healthcare and pharmaceutical spaces are changing and be a part of it.

7. Sum up VISFO in 3 words

Collaborative, innovative and fast paced

8. What do you work on in your VISFO L&D time, any exciting projects in the pipeline?

I’m constantly learning from all my colleagues at VISFO – we have so many experts across a really wide variety of disciplines! I also enjoy attending conferences as they are such great learning opportunities. The most recent one I went to was on how to upgrade product launches and the role of customer success in supporting forward change and improving clinical practice. I’m currently working on a new design for the future roadmap of my main product and have lots of other exciting projects coming in the new year!

9. What do you enjoy doing when you’re not working – any hobbies, favourite TV shows, music?

I love days out exploring and weekend travels. I’m also a big foodie and enjoy nothing more than tasting new dishes and trying out new restaurants.

10. Biggest personal success to date – what are you most proud of accomplishing that’s not work related?

I’ve overcome a number of health challenges, including sepsis. I was also recently diagnosed with epilepsy, but with the help of my medication I am now 10 months seizure free!

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