VISFO invests in a new brand as it continues to grow its client base in the US and Europe

a healthtech consultancy based in West Yorkshire – is taking the pharmaceutical (pharma) industry by storm revealing a new brand direction for 2022.

VISFO – a healthtech consultancy based in West Yorkshire – is taking the pharmaceutical (pharma) industry by storm revealing a new brand direction for 2022. The company, founded by CEO Dr Max Noble, has ambitious plans for the new year and is set to expand its consultancy services and software solutions significantly within the US and Europe in the first quarter of the year.

A company which does things differently, VISFO has seen the most growth in its strategic consultancy and digital offering as pharma companies look to successfully navigate the online environment, and as such needed a new brand to reflect its mission to redefine the delivery of science.

The new dynamic, colourful new branding has a modern execution that perfectly encapsulates the company’s mission to do things differently, while offering a good dose of creativity and humour in an industry that can sometimes feel quite traditional and corporate.

‘There’s no reason why companies working in the pharma space have to look corporate and impersonal’ says Dr David Williams, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Strategy. ‘We want to demonstrate our commitment to delivering actionable insights powered by precision analytics, but we also want to do it whilst being a little bit tongue in cheek - staying true to our fun and approachable personality. The world of pharma is changing and needs a partner who can show them the new frontier.’

The vivid new branding presents a stark contrast to VISFO’s previous navy and lime green corporate colour palette, with vibrant shades of blue, purple, pink and green creating a modern, striking look. A host of eye-catching visuals accompany the new brand, including ‘the brain’ hero image, which has been designed to symbolise VISFO’s rounded approach to problem solving.

‘The left side of the brain perfectly depicts VISFO’s intellectual expertise and wealth of experience across the healthcare industry and beyond’ explains Dr Max Noble, CEO. ‘As you move across to the right, the splashes of colour and bold iconography represent our fun personality, alongside our ability to think differently and re-energise our clients’ business strategies’.

With a workforce of 60+ and an ambitious hiring plan, VISFO prides itself on the cognitive diversity it brings to the table through its employees. Hiring individuals with different specialties, experiences and personalities is central to how the business operates, drawing upon experts across a wide range of domains to provide unique solutions for clients.

The release of VISFO’s fresh branding has culminated in the launch of a new website this December. Taking influence from experts in the creative industry, the site has been designed to emulate a global agency feel and elevate VISFO’s image in-line with their impressive global plans for 2022

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