Unlocking market insights: bridging data gaps to inform Phase III trial strategy and beyond.

Clinical landscaping for strategic market positioning.

The brief

Our client sought to evaluate the global market potential for a drug currently in Phase II of clinical trials. This evaluation encompassed pricing assumptions, epidemiological insights, competitor analysis and KOL mapping. The objective was to shape their Phase III trial strategy and gain insights into future prospects. A comprehensive clinical landscaping was pivotal in guiding their decision-making process.  

The challenge

In order to build an optimal Phase III trial strategy our client required a comprehensive clinical landscape assessment. A data gap meant they lacked vital information on disease prevalence and key risk factors variables. To bridge this gap, we created a clinical landscape overview, including a thorough epidemiological analysis, empowering our client with the knowledge to inform and shape their future plans.


We delivered a multi-faceted solution to our client, encompassing a bespoke dashboard, competitive landscaping, digital and social listening and opinion leader mapping. Ultimately, providing our client with valuable insights into market opportunity.  

  • By conducting a systematic literature review and publication landscaping, we extracted incidence and prevalence data across targeted markets. The data was housed in a bespoke epidemiology dashboard, enriched with pricing assumptions and market share analysis. This dashboard was thoughtfully designed to allow flexible filtering by variables of interest to our client.  
  • These findings were further consolidated through a comprehensive treatment landscape report, providing our client with valuable insight into unmet need and burdens within the therapy area.  
  • We performed an exhaustive competitor analysis that encompassed clinical trial design and overall activity within the therapy area. Through the integration of social and digital listening, we actively monitored adverse events associated with competitor treatments. Additionally, we utilized key opinion leader (KOL) mapping to identify influential figures, working to inform our client’s future engagement strategies.

Value to the client

Rapid and comprehensive clinical insights, coupled with VISFO’s strategic recommendations not only armed our client with the insight to inform their immediate trial strategy but also allowed them to plan how to strategically position themselves in the future market landscape.

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