Bridging epidemiological data gaps to inform prospective commercial appeal.

Understanding the probable success of various launch indications

The brief

Our client sought to understand both the prospective commercial appeal and probable success of various launch indications. Our evaluation encompassed a comprehensive epidemiological assessment, as well as clinical, competitor and pricing landscapes. The objective was to empower our clients with valuable insights to shape their future launch strategy.

The challenge                                                        

Our client lacked the necessary data to design their ideal future launch strategy and market positioning. To address this data gap, we conducted a thorough epidemiological analysis of the relevant disease landscape in our client’s markets of interest, as well as discovering key prevalence data and disease variables. Our findings were reinforced by an in-depth report on the clinical, competitive and pricing landscapes.  

The solution

We delivered a comprehensive solution to our client, encompassing bespoke intelligence boards, competitive and clinical landscaping and strategic recommendations.  

  • Conducting a systematic literature review allowed us to extract and analyze epidemiology data for our client. We further enriched the data with epidemiology prevalence modelling and housed it in a bespoke intelligence board, which was thoughtfully designed to allow flexible filtering by variables of interest to our client.  
  • These findings were further consolidated through a thorough analysis of the evolving competitor landscape and a further intelligence board comprising of the pricing landscape in markets relevant to our client.  
  • Additionally, we conducted a digital intelligence exercise to analyze sentiment surrounding competitor products. Ultimately providing them with valuable insight into market opportunity.  

Value to the client

A rapid and robust epidemiological analysis, coupled with VISFO’s strategic recommendations allowed our client to fully understand the early commercial attractiveness of their product and refine their future launch strategy.  


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