Discovering novel and adjunct indications to support market expansion of an established supplement.

Finding new indications through a comprehensive scientific appraisal.

The brief

Our client was interested in novel indications for their established, over the counter fibre supplement and required a comprehensive understanding of both the scientific and digital landscape to inform potential market expansion and a targeted engagement plan.  

The challenge

Our client didn’t have the information needed to expand into new markets readily available to them. They required a systematic scientific appraisal of potential novel indications as well as an in-depth analysis of the therapeutic narrative surrounding the supplement.

The solution

We delivered a comprehensive scientific landscape report to our client, presenting a multi-faceted solution that encompassed novel indications, potential market size, competitor analysis, unmet need and influential opinion leaders.

  • By curating bespoke search strings, we conducted a targeted and iterative literature review, allowing us to discover publications relating to novel indications and the competitor landscape
  • We extracted data and research findings – synthesizing them and categorizing by key themes, providing our client with a summary of the scientific landscape  
  • We further enhanced this analysis by combining it with prevalent data from epidemiology studies to gain an understanding of existing market potential
  • By utilizing impact factor calculations, we were able to offer our client recommendations on the most active opinion leaders to engage within the novel indication therapy area

The value to the client

Through and agile and robust analysis of the scientific landscape, we provided our client with strategic recommendations, enabling them to develop the most effective strategy for both present and future expansion of their product.  

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