Using digital intelligence to inform content strategy within medical affairs.

Supporting our client in developing a content strategy for HCP engagement using digital intelligence.

The brief

Developing a content strategy for HCP engagement within a specific therapy area is always challenging, given the nature of medical affairs. To support our client in better developing their content strategy, we chose to undertake a digital intelligence project to better understand the online conversation to identify core areas of interest for HCPs, ultimately improving engagement with customers.

The challenge

The client’s focus on an effective digital engagement strategy required an unbiased, in-depth analysis of the conversation surrounding a niche therapy area to create benchmarks for their content architecture.

The solution

Digital intelligence from two different approaches. To establish a comprehensive overview of the digital landscape, we first applied our unbiased topic modelling approach to uncover naturally occurring topics and themes in the online conversation and then combined the data with a further social panel analysis to deep dive into the key themes and preferences amongst HCPs within the client’s therapy area. The results delivered a series of key themes and areas of interest, relevant opinion leaders and the most-utilized digital channels.  

The value to the client

A rapid and thorough, data-supported narrative for the client, that included recommendations for content themes to pursue and best formats for delivery, allowing them to build an effective communication strategy.

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