Enhancing strategic decision-making: An acquisition case study.

A diligence exercise on the potential resource requirement of a prospective commercial asset.

The brief

Our client was conducting a diligence exercise and needed to be fully informed of the disease area landscape and potential resource requirement to inform decision-making on the prospective roll-out of a new commercial asset. 

The challenge

Our client did not have the expertise on the prospective acquisition readily available to them and required a comprehensive analysis of the market to determine the level of commercial opportunity. 

The solution

To establish a comprehensive landscape analysis, we delivered an extensive market access and business intelligence report to support the client in fully understanding the possible resource demands of the acquisition, which included;

  • An online sentiment analysis across multiple stakeholder groups surrounding existing products within the potential portfolio
  • Social media intelligence to analyze the discussion surrounding the disease area, providing live dashboards for the client to enable them to efficiently analyze the data on an ongoing basis
  • An overview of the future market and clinician landscape and key topics within the disease area

The value to the client

Providing a rapid and thorough analysis to the client allowed them to make an informed decision on the potential acquisition.


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