Cut through the noise: Analysing digital landscapes following FDA approval.

KOL and DOL identification through an in-depth digital analysis.

The brief

Upon gaining FDA approval for a new drug, our client wanted to understand the market and stakeholder reaction to the approval in order to inform their messaging and sales tactics and develop segmentation internally. Identifying KOLs and DOLs that can spark conversation around the drug in both online conversation and at conference is essential. To support our client in doing this, we created a digital intelligence report which better identified these areas, allowing the client to understand the therapy area’s online conversation and begin to form a content strategy.

The challenge

The client required an unbiased, in-depth analysis of the conversation surrounding a niche section of a much larger therapy area, targeting reaction to their FDA approval as well as similar competitor’s products. Utilizing our knowledge of KOLs in the therapy area will also be a great advantage to them.

The solution

We created a digital intelligence report covering three main areas:

  • Analysis of the client’s impact on the digital conversation following their FDA approval and their share of voice versus competitors.
  • An overview of the online environment within the disease area: Mentions at conferences, clinical trials and other key topics.
  • Identification of the most active clinicians and organizations discussing the disease area, generating a thorough andcomprehensive KOL and DOL list for the client to utilize going forward, particularly at upcoming conferences.

The value to the client

A rapid and comprehensive overview of the disease area, it’s main online contributors and recommendations for which DOLs are worth engaging with in order to enhance our client’s digital activity and better inform their conference strategy.

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