Maximizing ROI: strategic recommendations for an impactful conference.

Conference listening and insights to increase share of scientific voice.

The brief

To support our client in developing their most impactful conference strategy and disseminating content relating to their inflammatory-disease treatment, we undertook a listen of the highest ranking and most active conference within their therapy area. Providing strategic recommendations for areas of opportunity, ultimately maximizing their digital engagement strategy.

The challenge

Our client recognized they needed to renew their strategy to meet the rapidly changing needs of stakeholders. To cut through the noise by amplifying their activity and increasing their share of scientific voice, our client required a thorough understanding of the conference and digital landscape, including the content, people and themes they engage with.  

The solution

To enable our client to position themselves as a cornerstone in their therapy area, we delivered support for the entire conference lifecycle, encompassing pre-conference planning, real-time support throughout the event and a post-event evaluation.

  • Conducted a digital analysis of all mentions, segmenting the data to provide stronger insight to our client.  
  • A comprehensive report of the key themes, messages, stakeholder and competitor activity at conference. We compounded this by creating strategic recommendations for areas of opportunity.
  • A competitor and related events activity analysis created benchmarks for their digital strategy. 
  • Offered guidance to ensure a wider audience of those likely to utilize the drug were captured and followed up in the field.  
  • We identified active opinion leaders not previously known to our client, with recommendations on how to engage them going forward. 

The value to the client

A robust, data-supported narrative for the client, including strategic recommendations for engaging content and identifying relevant opinion leaders, ultimately allowing them to build an effective conference strategy.  

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