Optimizing clinical trial performance – A comprehensive analysis and strategic roadmap.

Empowering our client to formulate an impactful trial strategy.

The brief

We were engaged by our client to provide a comprehensive overview of a clinical trial landscape, helping to identify efficiencies within their established clinical trial, deliver competitive benchmarking and ultimately inform their trial development strategy.  

The challenge

Our client wanted to meet a recruitment target within a specified time frame but did not have the data available to them to identify areas of opportunity within the trial.  

The solution

We created a bespoke tool for our client, including a comprehensive and unbiased dashboard of metrics, building upon this with strategic recommendations and actionable insights allowed us to create long term solutions.

  • We built a dynamic platform encompassing recruitment metrics, site screening, site activation and performance data, enabling real-time monitoring and providing valuable insights to power strategic decision making.  
  • We conducted an in-depth evaluation of the screening sites, assessing the epidemiology landscape and available assets to support infrastructure. Allowing us to propose opportune and cost-effective sites to our client. Additionally, we identified failing sites and cut them from our client's roster.  
  • By undertaking a comprehensive analysis of the therapy area we were able to advise on the most suitable individuals for screening, allowing our client to meet their recruitment target and increase the diversity of the trial.  

The value to the client

Through a comprehensive analysis of the clinical trial and therapy area landscape, we delivered strategic recommendations and data-driven insights to empower our client in formulating their most impactful trial strategy.  

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