Empowering competitive communication strategy through data-driven analysis in a novel therapeutic field.

Topic modelling to support a digital first approach.

The brief

A recent acquisition expanded our clients’ drug portfolio into a therapeutic field beyond their established expertise. To effectively shape their digital and content strategy, they required a comprehensive understanding of the digital and competitor landscape.  

The challenge

Our client was challenged with both navigating a new therapeutical field and facing direct competition from a business who had adopted a digital-first approach, an area that was unfamiliar to them. They did not have the expertise readily available to employ a competitive strategy. To address this, our client sought a fundamental understanding of the implications of this type of approach.  

The solution

We conducted a comprehensive analysis of the digital landscape within the therapy area of interest. This data-driven approach equipped our client with the necessary tools to navigate and optimize their competitive position, while fostering stronger connections with their target audience.  

  • Drawing upon our unbiased topic modelling approach, we uncovered naturally occurring topics and themes in online conversations, as well as where they were occurring. Further leveraging global data sources, we delved deeper into the insights.  
  • We created an in-depth competitor analysis, examining the approach of our client’s direct competitor, thoroughly investigating how they adopted and employed their strategy, its inherent advantages, and the financial implications involved.  
  • Based on our findings, we curated strategic recommendations aimed at enhancing our client’s consumer engagement, identifying key stakeholders, and developing a tailored content strategy. These recommendations were designed to empower our client with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions for their digital endeavours.

The value to the client

A rapid and thorough, data-supported narrative for the client, that included recommendations for content themes to pursue and best formats for delivery, allowing them to build a competitive communication strategy.  

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