Assessing commercial opportunity through a robust statistical analysis of sexual health product reviews

An unbiased product quality assessment of a potential manufacturer.

The brief

Our client, a global consumer goods company, wanted to expand into a foreign market where consumers favored different sexual health products. They had identified a manufacturer for white label operation under their established brand and needed to assess the occurrence of adverse events with a potential asset.

The challenge

Our client wished to extend their rigorous pharmacovigilance standards to any potential assets to determine how advantageous the commercial opportunity may be. They required an assessment of product quality that was not biased by reports given by the manufacturer.

The solution

We delivered a comprehensive scientific landscape analysis, supported by a payer review report, to assist the client in deciding whether or not they should proceed with pursuing white label operation.  

  • We web-scraped reviews of multiple sexual health consumer products produced by the manufacturer in question, as well by competitor companies, from foreign e-commerce websites.  
  • A comparative statistical analysis was then performed to benchmark against known market-leading brands and surface relevant trends.
  • Known concerns and previously unknown potential issues were identified through natural language processing as well as sentiment analysis of the consumer reviews.

The value to the client

A rapid and thorough analysis backed by real-world evidence allowed our client to make an informed, unbiased decision on the use of the chosen manufacturer’s product.

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