Understand gaps, trends and future opportunities.​

publication planning.

Break new ground and set the direction of scientific enquiry.

The challenge: Navigating long-term publication planning can be challenging due to an ever-changing scientific landscape, particularly when it comes to understanding gaps, discerning trends and identifying future opportunities.  

The solution: Our approach utilises structured data mining technologies to classify publications. By mapping and analyzing their content, we can identify emerging science and current gaps. For each project we begin with a new search, tailored to your requirements, allowing us to address specific questions and provide you with appropriate recommendations and managed, interactive reference libraries.  

Whether it’s for development, market access, medical or commercial, we can evaluate trends from the literature so that you can plan for the future.


  • ‘Hotspot’ topic maps and a clear reading list to ensure you get the best, most relevant insights for your team to digest; all in one place
  • Tagged and prioritised publications in defined topic areas  
  • Strategic recommendations that address your specific needs ​

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All delivered as strategic reports, interactive intelligence dashboards and scenario planning tools, placing an optimal strategy at your fingertips.